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Vehicle wrapping is a special process in which your vehicle is literally “wrapped” in high quality vinyl for a colour change or printed graphics so that the entire original paint colour is not visible.

Paint tends to be permanent, whereas wrapping isn’t. In fact wrapping offers the painted surface a protective layer which preserves your paint. It’s also possible to strip the wrap off and change it without an expensive re-spray.

None. You can bring your vehicle in any condition, we will clean and do all the preparations work for you. Please note: if your vehicle needs body work repairs i.e. dents, deep scratches, etc. we can arrange for the work be done by our professional body work team but there will be an additional charge.

Not at all – Mild soap and water is all you need to wash it down.

Every time it starts getting dirty! It is essential that you keep the wrap clean as road grit and wear and tear can degrade the performance of the wrap.

Yes, this is fine. If you are using a hand car wash please inform the cleaner not to use the pressure washer closer than 50cm, and not to spray caustic TFR (Traffic Film Remover) on the wrap, non-caustic TFR is fine. Most car washes are aware of wrapped vehicles, but inform them of the wrap.

A colour change wrap requires precision work and cannot be rushed. We take a lot of pride in our work and make sure that you get the best possible job. The full process can take 3 – 5 days depending on the size and complexity of the vehicle.

A colour change wrap will last up to 10 years and comes with 1 year application warranty.

Yes. We can change the entire wrap by stripping the old one off and apply a new one or we can remove a section of the wrap if any damage is caused to the wrap i.e. scratches, bumps and scrapes etc.

Generally, after the vehicle has been repaired, we can re-wrap just the section you need rather than doing the whole job again.

No. The vinyl acts as a barrier and protects the paintwork from chips, scratches, sun fading, acid rain, and much more. In fact rather than harm the paint it actually preserves it so that when you do finally strip the vehicle.

The paint will still be in near-perfect condition, which can increase the value of the vehicle at trading-in time. If your vehicle has had a paint re-spray or poor quality paint prior to the wrap then we cannot guarantee the same conclusion.

The price for a vehicle colour change wrap depends on the size of the vehicle and what vinyl finish you would like. Our prices start from a little as £699.00.

As long as the bumper is painted the vinyl will adhere to it the same as a metal part.



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